Power Query: easy to use by anyone?

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August 1, 2023 by
Power Query: easy to use by anyone?
Solutions EXIA inc., Benoit Girard

The 5 main difficulties of Power Query 

Using Power Query in Power BI can be really complicated for a number of reasons, the 5 most common of which are listed below:

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1. Syntax and logic (is this really your job?)

Power Query uses a specific programming language (M), which can be difficult to understand for users unfamiliar with programming. The syntax and logic of this language can take time to learn and master.

2. Learning a new skill comes at a price...

The use of Power Query requires specific training and expertise. For users who have never worked with Power Query before, it can be a significant challenge to learn a new skill.

3. Complexity of data transformations

Data transformations in Power Query can be complicated and difficult to understand or implement, especially if you're working with complex data or multiple data sources. The combination of several transformation steps can be difficult to follow and, above all, to debug.

4. Data source dependency (source of errors?)

Data transformations in Power Query are often closely linked to data sources. If a data source is modified, or if a data transformation is not properly managed, this can lead to errors and unexpected results. It can quickly become complicated to ensure the longevity of your solution, as well as losing confidence in the results obtained. That's why it's important not to underestimate the complexity of Power Query. 

However, it remains a very powerful and useful tool for data preparation in Power BI. But this requires advanced programming skills..

5. Technical limits

Power Query can be limited by computer performance, IT infrastructure or the amount of data used. Complex data transformations can be very resource-intensive, slowing down the process considerably.

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To become a Power Query expert in Power BI: you have 2 choices: 

Advanced Power BI training: The long, hard road

To master the technical aspects of Power Query and get the most out of it, you'll need to invest time, energy and money in specialized POWER BI training that meets your company's specific objectives.

Swift Finance" training: the fast, efficient and cost-effective choice for your business.

The wisest choice to face the growing competition and a shortage of skilled labor is to subscribe to a "Turnkey" automated analytics solution and train key people in its use, not its creation. Subscribing to Swift Finance on a "turnkey" basis allows you to work with data experts who manage the complexities of Power Query for you.

All the technical and tedious aspects are managed, integrated into your system and automated for your specific needs.

No advanced technical knowledge (no need to be a "geek")

Swift Finance is a turnkey ready-to-use solution that requires no special technical knowledge. Unlike Power Query in Power BI, which requires specific training and expertise to be used optimally, Swift Finance is easy to use and intuitive.   So you can focus on your core business (analyzing your information), rather than investing precious time in learning a new, specialized technical skill.

You focus your energy on doing what brings the most value to your business, in less time and without headaches.

  • Create budget forecasts in just a few clicks. Yes, it's possible! (with Swift Finance).
  • Multiple ERP systems? No problem, Swift Finance takes care of it right from the start.
  • Keep your historical data even in the event of an ERP migration (you can continue to make comparisons without any manual handling).

So you see, all the technical and difficult aspects are managed at source, while you and your team use the data and reports crucial to your business in real time.

If you're looking for a fast, efficient way to manage your financial reporting, Swift Finance Turnkey is the ideal solution for your finance team, your company and for you (and your peace of mind)..


Power Query: easy to use by anyone?
Solutions EXIA inc., Benoit Girard August 1, 2023
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