MyMetrix, your customized, turnkey analytical solution

Give yourself the power to make sense of your data.

From the development to the maintenance and evolution of your analytical solution, you can count on us.

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Advanced analysis and reporting

You're hesitating between Excel and Power BI. Take advantage of both!

Centralized information

All your corporate data in one place, even if you use different systems

Automation and ease of use

No more recurring or ad-hoc manual handling. Your processes are automated to simplify your work.

Multi-level safety

With multiple levels of security, you control who can access which information.

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Respect your own rhythm

Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of our solution, you can gradually integrate your services at your own pace and according to your availability

Your organization is unique

Together, we look at your business objectives and design and adapt the solution to your specific needs - Sales, Purchasing, Marketing, HR, Operations, Production, etc.

Invest less and receive more

Our development tools give you faster, more cost-effective access to your complete analytical environment

Analyze with peace of mind

We take care of everything (design, hosting, monitoring, support, upgrades) and are there to support you on a daily basis

Wherever your data is, we'll find it

MyMetrix connects to your systems


This unified solution automatically links all your data: Sales, Purchasing, Marketing, HR, Operations, Production, etc.
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