Power BI governance

Reconcile your users’ need for autonomy with the need to manage the availability, relevance, integrity and security of your data

Self-service promises to free users from IT dependence and make them self-sufficient throughout the entire analytical content production cycle... But more freedom also means more responsibilities. 

Nowadays we see that when organizations deploy Power BI in a decentralized, unorganized manner without proper control, they are forced, at one point or another, to put things right and correct a somewhat chaotic situation:

  Proliferation of data silos
   Incoherent definitions
   Contradictory reports
   Errors in analysis and interpretation
   Uncertain quality of data
   Traceability of complex data
   Increasing performance issues
   Security breach or lack of security

Identifying a governance problem

CSome business lines are already using Power BI to distribute content

Personal gateways are being installed on workstations to download tens, if not hundreds, of gigabytes daily

IT teams whose time is monopolized by traditional BI work are not sufficiently involved

Users are frustrated by the lack of support and guidance

A multitude of out-of-control source files are proliferating across SharePoint, OneDrive, network drivers and workstations

Serf-service data infrastrucure lacking oversight and control


Security policies and restrictions are being circumvented or ignored

Finding balance

While the success of self-service is clearly impossible without technology, the real key to succeeding lies in proper organization, collaboration among key players (IT and business lines) and the rules that govern all of these processes. 

The debate over too-strict standards and too much flexibility can be resolved by implementing organizational rules that are accepted and respected by all. The goal is to provide users with a high-performance self-service Power BI platform while establishing a reasonable and acceptable governance concept. 

This is how EXIA supports its clients, helping them to change and create the right conditions for a healthy, efficient and sustainable self-service.

The EXIA solution


The art of self-service is about finding the right balance between freedom and control, flexibility and standards, self-service and governance. 

When it comes to governance, there is no single universal recipe. Each environment has its own particularities – actors, processes, organization, technologies, architecture – that must be considered when developing a governance model that is appropriate and adapted to the operation of the organization.

With this aim in mind, EXIA proposes a pragmatic 5-step approach, adaptable to your context and specific needs.

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